The Science Behind Wrinkles: Causes and Solutions

The Science Behind Wrinkles: Causes and Solutions

We all know that dreaded word that seemingly always comes with getting older – wrinkles. And while we may find ourselves wishing and dreaming that there was some magical method of preventing them entirely, the truth of the matter is that wrinkles are essentially unavoidable. A natural sign of wisdom and grace, wrinkles are something that we all must eventually address, whether it’s laugh lines, puckering around the lips, or a visible line in the neck.

But what are wrinkles and what actually causes them? Is there anything that we can do to treat them? If you’ve found yourself asking these burning questions, we’re here to help. We’ve broken down the science behind wrinkles, some of their root causes, and a few key methods for treating them. Keep reading to learn more.

What Are Wrinkles Really?

Before we jump into the details of causes and treatments for wrinkles, it’s important to have a basic understanding of what wrinkles actually are. To make it short and sweet, wrinkles are the natural lines and creases that form in the skin as you age.

As we get older, our skin will naturally begin to lose firmness and elasticity as gravity continues to pull on the skin. This combination will eventually yield lines and creases in the skin in particular areas, including the most noticeable areas of the face and neck.

What Can Cause Wrinkles?

Now that we’re up to speed on what wrinkles really are, let’s talk about their core causes. While there are plenty of factors that play a part, we’ll focus on the top three here.

#1 - Age

As we mentioned before, the primary cause of wrinkles forming in the skin is age. Throughout the aging process, our skin begins to lose its firmness and elasticity while also losing fat layers in the deepest areas of the skin. The skin also tends to slow down in its natural oil production, which can lead to more fragile, crease-prone skin.

#2 – Sun Exposure

Another key factor that plays a part in the appearance of wrinkles is our exposure to the sun and UV light. UV light, also known as ultraviolet radiation, naturally speeds up the aging process, breaking down the skin’s collagen and elastin fibers in the deepest layer of the skin. As a result of too much sun exposure without adequate SPF protection, your skin may lose its deepest support system early, leading to premature wrinkling and creasing in the skin.

#3 – Smoking

While it’s not as commonly found today, smoking cigarettes and other nicotine products can create more prominent wrinkling and creasing in the skin. These products have a negative impact on the skin’s collagen, causing potential breakdown and more prominent wrinkles and creases.

How Can You Treat Wrinkles?

While wrinkles are inevitable, there are plenty of ways to minimize their appearance and occurrence in your skin through practices that keep it healthy and happy.

Get an Early Start

With how busy and hectic our lives are, we don’t think about aging and getting wrinkles until they are staring right back at us in the mirror. Even if you aren’t showing visible creases or lines just yet, getting a head start on anti-aging treatment can provide amazing preventative measures that can put off and reduce the appearance of wrinkles later on. Start yourself on a skincare regimen early and reap the benefits that will undoubtedly come with it.

Layer on the Moisturizer

One key element that’s often overlooked in aging is our skin’s loss of moisture and hydration. As we get older, our skin’s natural oil production will begin to slow down or cease altogether. This will cause dry, crepe-like skin that is more prone to damage and wrinkles. By adding a natural moisturizer to your daily skincare routine, you can replace the lost moisture and protect the skin from further damage.

Don’t Skip the Hydration

Just as important as what we put on our bodies is what we put in our bodies. If you’ve noticed that your skin is looking a little dry or lackluster and that your lines are a bit more noticeable, you may just be dehydrated! When you are dehydrated, your skin is more prone to sagging, which causes more visible creases and lines. Make sure to keep your water intake level high enough throughout the day to counter this effect!

SPF is Your BFF

Like we mentioned before, one of the key causes of wrinkles is our exposure to the sun. UV rays can cause immediate and long-term damage to the skin, resulting in more visible wrinkles, an uneven skin texture and dryer skin. By adding a layer of SPF protection to your skincare routine, you can work to counter this damage, protecting your skin from the outside in. Try slipping an SPF moisturizer or tinted sunscreen into your morning skincare to add an additional layer of anti-aging protection to your everyday routine.

Say Yes to Serum

While moisturizer and eye cream may be a given when thinking about your skincare routine, you might just be missing one crucial element – a serum. Not just a trendy product you see on social media, skin serums are an amazing breakthrough in the world of anti-aging protection. These high-powered products are typically oil-based and are packed full of amazing ingredients that deeply penetrate the layers of the skin for more effective treatment. Some serums even work to amplify the effects of the products applied after them, such as night creams or moisturizers. By layering a serum into your daily or nightly routine, you can set your skin up for success.

Keep an Eye on the Ingredients

In today’s day and age, there are so many anti-aging products on the market that promise miracle solutions. The unfortunate truth of the matter is that many of these brands overpromise and underdeliver with their products. But how do you tell what will actually work for your skin? The simple answer – take a closer look at the ingredients.

Looking for something to reduce inflammation? Keep an eye out for amazing natural ingredients like sea buckthorn berry oil and cranberry seed oil. On the hunt for a product that’s packed full of amazing antioxidants? Frankincense essential oil and tomato seed oil might be just what you need. By understanding the ingredients that are going into a potential product, you can gauge whether it will perform in helping you reach your skincare goals.

While wrinkles and creases are things that always come with age, we don’t have to accept them as they are. There are plenty of methods to treat wrinkles and reduce their appearance without making drastic changes to your lifestyle or jumping under the knife. And don’t forget – always embrace your natural beauty, wrinkles and all, and the wisdom and grace that comes with growing older. You are truly one of a kind.

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