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Drink Your Way to Better Skin: The Role of Hydration in Maintaining Skin Elasticity

Let’s face it - we’ve all heard of and perhaps found ourselves digging deeper about the latest and greatest so-called “miracle” treatments that are said to help our skin bounce back to a more youthful, glowing state. But the truth of the matter about these treatments isn’t quite that simple. While these products may offer some semblance of visible change in the skin, what they’re treating is the symptoms of a much deeper problem rather than correcting it entirely.

A frequently overlooked concern is the issue of hydration, which applies not just to our overall health but also significantly affects our skin. When neglected, our skin can quickly become dehydrated, leading to a lackluster, dull, and prematurely aged appearance that fails to reflect the true essence of an individual.

But what is hydration and what does it have to do with anti-aging and skin elasticity? How can you maintain skin hydration for a more youthful appearance? If you’ve found yourself asking these burning questions and more, we’re here to help. Keep reading for a deep dive into the world of hydration and insights into how you can improve your skin’s hydration and unlock your best skin ever.

What is Hydration?

Before we dive deeper into how hydration plays a critical role in skin elasticity, let’s start with the basics: what is hydration? In the context of the skin, hydration refers to the amount of water present within the skin. Some skincare products are specifically designed to replenish lost hydration in the skin, while others prioritize moisturizing properties.

Hydrating vs. Moisturizing

In comparing hydrating to moisturizing products, the key difference is in the material found within the layers of the skin. As mentioned before, hydrating products focus on replacing missing water in the skin. On the other hand, moisturizing products focus on replenishing the oil missing from the skin.

Whether a product focuses on hydration or adding moisture back to the skin depends primarily on the ingredients found within. For hydration, these products contain active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and glycerin. For moisturizing products, you’ll find that they contain active ingredients like mineral oils, collagen, and fatty acids.

Hydration and Skin Elasticity

Now that we’ve covered the basics of hydration and how hydrating products differ from moisturizing products, it’s time to get into the details of how hydration can affect skin elasticity. The answer is simple - they go hand in hand!

When your skin is hydrated, it retains better elasticity, a more youthful appearance, and a natural, lit-from-within radiance. On the other hand, dehydrated skin can appear dull and dark while also showing fine lines and wrinkles more prominently.

To better illustrate the importance of hydration, we’ll use the example of a water balloon. When a water balloon is filled with hydrating liquid, the surface appears taut and firm with a natural bounciness. On the other hand, when a water balloon isn’t quite filled all the way, the surface can appear wrinkled and saggy with less bounce and very little tautness.

You can think about your skin like this water balloon - the more hydrated you keep it, the more taut and firm it will appear. Better hydration keeps your skin’s elasticity performing at its highest level, unlocking a more youthful appearance and your best skin ever.

How to Add Hydration Back to Your Skin

Since we’ve covered everything that you need to know about hydration and how it relates to skin elasticity, now it’s time to talk about how to add hydration back to your skin. If you’re not certain whether your skin requires more hydration, there’s a simple test you can do. Pinch a small amount of skin gently between your fingers - if it is slow to bounce back to its original shape, you are dehydrated.

#1 - Drink More Water

A simple and easy way to add more hydration back to your skin is to increase your daily water intake. With how busy our everyday lives are, it’s so easy to forget to take a moment to make sure that you’re drinking enough liquids during the day. If you’re not sure how much to drink, have a quick discussion with your physician to help put you on the right track.

#2 - Keep Your Skin Healthy

Another easy way to keep your skin feeling hydrated is to maintain its overall health. This process involves many steps, but the best ways to quickly get started involve making sure that you’re wearing SPF sunscreen every day and avoiding smoking. Both UV exposure and smoking can cause dehydration and potentially leave your skin unhealthy.

#3 - Choose the Right Products

A final method of improving your skin’s hydration is making sure that you’re using the right skin care products. As we mentioned before, the ingredients that go into any anti-aging products can tell you whether or not they are truly hydrating. You can also look for particular skin care lines that specialize in adding hydration back to the skin. If you’re feeling stuck and not sure where to get started, a dermatologist is another great source for accurate information.

Always remember, when it comes to keeping your skin at its healthiest and most vibrant, hydration is a key component. The level of hydration within your skin layers is closely linked to its elasticity, and fully hydrated skin tends to exhibit a more vibrant and radiant appearance compared to dehydrated skin. If you notice your skin appearing or feeling dehydrated, consider increasing your water intake, adopting healthy skin practices, and incorporating suitable hydrating skincare products into your routine.


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