About Us

Bold, fearless, no-nonsense. Welcome to Rebel Skincare.

At Rebel Skincare, we’re more than just a brand - we’re a revolution. Founded with the belief of defying the world’s definition of beauty, our goal is to inspire every individual to feel confident, beautiful and courageous, no matter what their age, background or race. Our goal is to challenge the traditional misconceptions around the ideas of beauty and aging, standing firm with the ideal that every individual is truly beautiful.

Our story begins with our founder, Nikki Matias. After working for many years in these fields and accumulating a wealth of experience and knowledge, Nikki became aware of a profound gap within the world of anti-aging skincare. She quickly found that so many skincare products focus on the negative aspects of aging, framing mature skin as a problem rather than as something to be celebrated. On top of that, many products were confusing to use, with unclear benefits and a lack of truly potent ingredients. This gap was particularly noticeable in the area of anti-aging and mature skincare, which sparked true inspiration and an idea to start a skincare revolution.

As an experienced artist with a focus on precision and perfection in her work, Nikki knew that there needed to be something better, skincare products that offered actual solutions with a no-nonsense approach and powerful active ingredients. Thus, Rebel Skincare was born.

While Rebel is small, we truly are mighty. Each and every product in our collection is carefully crafted with the utmost attention to detail, with super effective anti-aging ingredients that were chosen to quash the visible signs of wrinkles, fine lines and scars and unlock your skin’s full potential. Our skincare products are simple to use and easy to understand, with gorgeous, minimalist packaging and an unmatched aesthetic appeal.

Our exclusive lineup includes a selection of thoughtfully imagined products with the utmost potency and amazing active ingredients that will leave your skin glowing. From our soothing Skin Revival Wrinkle and Scar Night Serum to our rejuvenating Enzyme Mask, you’ll find all of the tools that you need to rebel against fine lines and wrinkles in our gentle yet effective lineup of super-powered skincare products. With potent ingredients such as revitalizing antioxidants to collagen and elastin-boosting CoQ10 to moisturizing essential oils, each piece of our anti-aging skincare collection offers powerful ingredients with amazing, visible results.

In addition to focusing on creating a powerful and effective collection of anti-aging skincare products, Nikki saw Rebel Skincare as an opportunity to further give back to her community in collaboration with the non-profit, Shine Academy. Founded by Nikki and her husband, Kenny, Shine Academy focuses on providing support for children with special needs, helping to support them while working to expand their capabilities as confident and independent community members. With each and every purchase at Rebel, a portion of your purchase will be donated to this amazing cause, allowing customers the unique opportunity to give back and make a true difference for their community.

Ready to join the skincare revolution?