Anti-Aging Skincare: Your Guide to Younger Looking Skin

Anti-Aging Skincare: Your Guide to Younger Looking Skin

If you want to know how to get younger looking skin, this is the article for you!

There are many things that can cause your skin to age. But did you know that you can influence some of these things and completely change the outcome for your skin?

That’s right…you can help to prevent the effects of premature aging when it comes to certain lifestyle and environmental factors! Now you have the ability to get some “skin in the game” for your, well…skin. 

So get ready to take some notes on anti-aging skincare. (Your epidermis will thank you!)


Factors That Influence Skin Aging

You likely want to know as many things as possible that can cause your skin to age, right? If so, then you’re not alone. 

So grab that pen if you haven’t already, and start jotting down all these factors that have been proven to cause aging skin: 

  • Air pollution - certain pollutants are able to penetrate your skin. When this happens, it can cause age spots and wrinkles. 
  • Alcohol - excess alcohol consumption can cause your skin to dehydrate and sag. 
  • Facial expressions - the more facial expressions you make over time, the more fine lines and wrinkles will form (from smiling, frowning, squinting, etc.).
  • Genetics - your genetics hold the power over your body’s ability to produce collagen and elastin. They also determine your body’s barrier function and antioxidant levels. All of these factors play into the rate at which your skin ages. 
  • Immune dysfunctions - the immune capabilities of your skin reduce as you age, making you more susceptible to skin infections or skin cancer. 
  • Menopause - with menopause comes thinning skin, decreased collagen production, and slower cellular turnover. 
  • Nutrition - studies have shown that when you consume a diet high in sugars and refined carbs, you’re more likely to see the signs of aging increase. 
  • Sleep - sleep deprivation can reduce your skin’s barrier function, showing signs of aging. 
  • Smoking - you’ve likely heard many times in your life that smoking is bad for you. One of the side effects of smoking is an increased rate of aging. 
  • Stress - when you get stressed out, you can experience skin inflammation, which could lead to other skin-related issues. 
  • Ultraviolet exposure - though this is the last in this list, it is the highest contributor to aging skin. UV radiation (a.k.a. sunlight) causes damage to your skin cells. This is why sunscreen use is so important for protecting your skin. 

As you now know, you can influence some of these factors (Yay!), but not all of them.

While you may not be able to avoid pollution in the air or change your genetics, you can directly control your skin’s level of exposure to sunlight. You can also cut out things like smoking and excess alcohol consumption. Then you can do your best to ensure you’re getting enough sleep each night and reducing your stress levels as much as possible. 


Anti-Aging Skincare Tips

Now that you’ve been made aware of some things that are bad for your skin, let’s discuss some things you can do to take care of it. (You still have that pen in hand? You’ll want to make note of all these anti-aging skincare tips.)

  • Avoid tanning beds & sun bathing - Did you know that about 90% of skin damage is caused by the sun? Well, now you know. Which means you’ll want to take measures to protect your skin from sun damage. 
To avoid sun-damaged skin, make sure you wear sunscreen on all exposed areas of your body (at least SPF 15). 
  • If you smoke, stop. If you don’t smoke, don’t start - A close second to sunlight, smoking is the next highest contributing factor to dry skin and wrinkles. Yikes! Need we say more?
  • Don’t use harmful skincare products - Have you ever used skincare products that made your face itch or burn? If so, then you should certainly refrain from using that product ever again (like, ever). 

 Irritated skin (from using the wrong skincare products) causes aging skin.


Want to know how to get younger looking skin? 

  • Make your diet healthy - You’d be surprised how much your diet can impact the quality of your skin. 

If you focus on eating foods that are high in antioxidants (like fish, fruits, and vegetables), you’ll likely help to protect your skin. When you eat more complex carbohydrates (like pasta and whole grains) and proteins, you’ll lower your risk of skin breakouts. Want protection from sun damage? Eat more foods that contain vitamins E or C. 

  • Limit your alcohol consumption - Since alcohol is a diuretic, it will make your body lose water. 

Guess what a decrease in water does to your skin? If you guessed “makes it dry”, then you are correct. (Oh yeah, and alcohol can also exacerbate your rosacea.) So if you don’t want to have dry skin, you’ll need to limit your alcohol intake. 

  • Exercise often - You already know that exercise is good for your body. It’s also amazing for your skin. When you exercise, you improve your circulation which directly nourishes your skin! 

To protect your skin after exercising, you’ll want to immediately cleanse your face to remove any sweat or dirt. 

  • Gently care for your skin - It’s important to take care of your skin as you age. Just remember, whatever you’re doing to your skin should be done in a gentle manner. 

If you exfoliate, do it gently. Use cleanser and moisturizer regularly (and, you guessed it…do it gently). This will help to keep your skin clear and healthy, while also drastically reducing breakouts!

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  • Catch some zzzzz's - When you make it a priority to get enough sleep on a regular basis, you’ll start to notice a decrease in under eye dark circles and puffy bags (nobody wants those). 

    Wrapping Up

    You now know what causes your skin to age, as well as how to slow down the aging process. 

    When it comes to those pesky factors that age your skin, take control of the ones you can. The best way to take control of the aging process is to gently care for your skin. (It also helps to grab that anti-aging skincare set!)

    Now that you know how to get younger looking skin, start making these helpful tips part of your regular skincare regimen. 

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