5 Skincare Tips for Healthier Skin

5 Skincare Tips for Healthier Skin

Psssttt! Want to know a secret? Achieving healthier skin is easier than you think. 


While many skincare tips are out there, you don’t have to tackle them all at once. In fact, you can start watching your skin transform after implementing only a few simple skincare tips!


This article will give you 5 healthy skin habits you can start including in your regular skincare routine now. (Some of which you may even already be doing!)


Healthy Skin Habits

Ready to start transforming your skin? Here are 5 of the simplest skincare tips you can start taking advantage of today: 


#1: Proper Sun Protection

You’ve heard it before, but you’ll want to hear it again. Protecting yourself from the sun is so important, especially when caring for your skin. 


When it comes to sun exposure, consider it as a love-hate relationship. 


LOVE - vitamin D, immune system regulation, mood improvement/regulation, melatonin production for better sleep habits, wound healing, pain reduction. 


HATE - wrinkles, age spots, skin problems, hyperpigmentation, loose/saggy skin, spider veins, uneven complexion, increased risk of skin cancer. 


You see…Your relationship status with the sun could be described as “it’s complicated”. 


However, you can keep some key things in mind when you’re exposed to sunlight:


  • Sunscreen Is Your Friend - You’ll want to preferably find a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15. You’ll also want to opt for the waterproof sunscreen so it won’t easily wash off from sweat, swimming, etc. 
  • Find Shade Whenever Possible - Did you know that the sun’s rays are most damaging to your skin between 10 AM and 4 PM? So remember to seek shade whenever the sun is shining, especially between these hours to avoid damaging your skin. 
  • Utilize Clothing for Protection - Since you get dressed every day already, this is a rather easy tip to follow! Remember that whatever parts of your body are not protected by clothing will benefit from another type of protection, such as sunscreen. 


#2: Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate.

Do you love it when your skin has that healthy, glowing appearance? If so, then staying hydrated is a MUST. 


Otherwise, you’ll have skin that feels dry/itchy and looks dull. (Nobody wants that, right?)


Fun fact…ALL of your cells need water, but since your skin cells are the ones that are closest to the environment, they’re the ones that are most likely to become dehydrated. 


Here’s how you can stay hydrated to achieve healthier skin: 


  • Drink Lots of Liquids - Water is best, but you can look for any drinks that contain electrolytes so you can increase your hydration levels. 
  • Get Enough Sleep -  Sure, this isn’t always easy, but it’s still very crucial for maintaining hydrated skin. Getting the recommended 8 hours of sleep per night will help to rebalance your skin’s moisture levels. 
  • Use Hydrating Skincare - Want to know the best part of using hydrating skincare products? They create a moisture barrier on your skin that prevents water loss, keeping your skin naturally hydrated! 


You’re busy so you’re probably always looking for ways to tackle two tasks at once, right? The best skincare products do all the hydrating work for you while you sleep, like our Rebel Skincare Skin Revival Wrinkle and Scar Night Serum


#3: Handle With Care

They don’t call it skin “care” for nothing. When you’re practicing your skincare regimen, you will always want to handle your skin with care. 


Here are some of the best skincare tips you can follow while practicing this gentle approach: 


  • Resist The Urge to Scrub - Think about those moments when you’ve just finished exercising and you’re drenched in sweat, dirt, etc. Your instinct will be to scrub your skin hard enough to eliminate that sweat and dirt, right? DON’T SCRUB! When you scrub your skin, it irritates your skin. This can make any skin conditions you have worsen (such as acne). 
  • Avoid Hot Water - Did you know that hot water is harmful to your face? It’s true. So if you’re someone who loves running your face under that hot shower water, you’ll want to stop. Whenever you’re washing/rinsing your face, you’ll want to stick to using warm or cool water. 
  • Practice Gentle Cleansing - It’s important to cleanse your skin every morning, every night, and after sweating to keep your skin clear and healthy. When using a cleanser, you’ll want to stick to a mild cleanser such as Rebel Skincare Purify Daily Cleanser. For your best skincare results, gently apply your cleanser in a circular motion using only your fingertips. Then gently rinse your face and gently pat it dry. 


#4: Skincare Diet

You’re no stranger to the importance of practicing a healthy diet. Eating healthy has many benefits, one of which is experiencing healthier skin! 


Here are some healthy skin habits you can practice in your skincare diet: 


  • Eat Plenty of Fruits/Veggies/Whole Grains/Lean Proteins - It’s been proven that eating a diet rich in fish oil can reduce your risk of acne! Also, eating a diet low in unhealthy fats and processed/refined carbohydrates could promote a younger-looking appearance!
  • Reduce Dairy Intake If Needed - It is believed that there may be a correlation between dairy milk and acne. So if you’re someone who is heavy on dairy milk consumption and you’ve experienced acne over a prolonged period, milk may be the culprit. 
  • Avoid Trigger Foods - It may benefit you to start keeping a food journal. Write down everything that you eat and drink each day for an extended period. Also, write down any skin-related symptoms you experience each day. Then compare your results over time. If it appears that there may be certain foods/drinks causing you skin problems, you may want to avoid eating those foods in the future.


#5: Limit Stress Exposure

This one may seem impossible, right? Eliminating stress is not always easy, but you’ll want to do your best to avoid getting overly stressed if you want to maintain healthy skin. 


Here are some of the best skincare tips you can follow, along with limiting stress: 


  • Avoid Anger and Emotional Stress - When you experience strong feelings of anger or emotional stress, it could increase your acne breakouts. 
  • Exercise Regularly - Getting regular exercise has been proven to reduce stress levels, so if you want to have healthier skin, this is one of the best skincare tips you can follow!
  • Yoga. Meditation. Acupuncture. Massage. - All four of these activities are wonderful ways to reduce your stress, causing you to have more beautiful skin! So if you’re not already including these activities in your self-care routine, you should start. 



For a quick recap, you may want to jot down these 5 takeaways to start implementing these healthy skin habits immediately: 


  1. Protect your skin from the sun. 
  2. Keep your skin cells hydrated. 
  3. Practice gentle skincare methods. 
  4. Implement a skincare diet. 
  5. Say goodbye to stress and hello to healthier skin. 


And there you have it…You now are equipped with 5 of the best skincare tips for achieving healthier skin! And the best part…they’re all easy to achieve!

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