Winter Skin Care 101: A No-Nonsense Guide to Maintaining Your Skin When the Temperatures Drop

Winter Skin Care 101: A No-Nonsense Guide to Maintaining Your Skin When the Temperatures Drop

Whether you love winter or are definitely more of a summertime fan, there’s no denying that we are in the thick of the season right now. And no matter where you live and what kind of weather you’re dealing with, we’re all quick to adapt to the changing seasons, from switching out our go-to jackets for something a little heavier or updating our t-shirt collection for our favorite long-sleeve options. And while we switch up our footwear and what we wear to counter the biting cold and wind of the winter season, we often forget to switch up one thing - our skin care routine.

An important part of taking care of your skin and maintaining its appearance, the skin care that you use should actually adjust throughout the year to meet the needs of each individual season. Think about it - when it’s cold and windy, your skin has a higher chance of becoming dry and chapped, so you should incorporate more hydrating and moisturizing products to keep it feeling and looking its best. On the other hand, when it’s hot and humid, your skin likely isn’t as in need of moisture, so you can swap out your night cream for something a bit lighter.

Ready to take your winter skin care routine up a notch or two? Here are our tried-and-true skin care tips and tricks to help you achieve your best skin ever, even when the temperatures continue to drop.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

When it’s hot and sunny, it’s easy to remember to keep yourself hydrated, whether it’s drinking enough water or putting on a great moisturizing SPF facial sunscreen. When it’s cold, rainy or downright moody outside, it’s easy to skip this step and assume that you don’t need it. But the truth of the matter is that your skin tends to actually dry out in the cold and needs a bit more hydration and moisture to keep healthy.

Instead of your usual nighttime moisturizer, try swapping it out for something a bit heavier, such as a night cream. Look for ingredients that provide natural hydrating power, such as fatty acids and seed oils, like chia seed oil and pomegranate oil. These soothing ingredients will help protect and repair the moisture barrier in the skin, keeping it looking and feeling healthy all season long.

Also, on the same note of hydration - don’t forget to drink enough water this season! We all tend to skip the water and lean more on hot drinks when the temperatures drop, from coffees and teas to ciders and cocoas. And while these liquids are good in moderation, it’s important to also drink enough water to keep you feeling hydrated and your skin looking radiant.

Slip in a Serum or Essence

In the hot summer months, applying a lot of skin care products isn’t super necessary. After all, our skin is often more hydrated during these months thanks to drinking more water and constantly applying sunscreen. If you’re not one to use a skin care serum during the rest of the year, it’s important to slip one into your routine for the colder winter months.

Serums and essences are a no-nonsense way to keeping your skin looking and feeling its best throughout winter and beyond. These high-powered products are formulated to permeate into the deepest layers of the skin, providing moisture and skin-boosting elements that will leave your appearance radiant and glowing. Many serums include ingredients with skin-soothing antioxidants to fight inflammation and reduce redness in the skin, such as sea buckthorn berry oil or frankincense essential oil.

Don’t Skip the SPF

Just let the weather trick you - just because it doesn’t look sunny or feel as hot as summer outside doesn’t mean that you should skip out on your daily SPF. The sun can actually be even more potent and damaging in the winter season, especially if you are spending time in a snowy environment and are dealing with snow glare. Make sure that you apply the same amount of SPF that you would on any other day of the year to ensure that your skin is fully protected from the potentially damaging rays of the sun.

Remember to Take Some Time to Hibernate

While it’s not actually a step that you typically include in your skin care routine, making sure that you get enough sleep can make all of the difference in the health and appearance of your skin all year round and especially in the winter season. When we skip out on the right amount of sleep, our skin tends to look tired and will sag, dragged down by gravity. On the other hand, when we sleep the perfect amount, our skin will look and feel rejuvenated and refreshed, particularly around the eye area.

When your skin is dehydrated and tired during the winter, there is an increased possibility of damage when dealing with both the colder temperatures outside and the heated air indoors. Tired skin is more prone to dryness and the inflammation that can come from exposure to the elements, so make sure that you are rested enough to keep your skin extra protected.

When considering updating your wardrobe for the winter months ahead, it’s also important to take a moment to think about the changes that you need to make to your skin care routine. Counter-balance the dryness and irritation that can come with the season by maintaining your hydration, slipping a serum or essence (or both!) into your routine, keeping your SPF and taking the time to rest.

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