The Truth About Retinol and Why You Need It

The Truth About Retinol and Why You Need It

When it comes to discussing skincare for mature skin, there’s always one topic that comes up - retinols. Touted as a ‘super product’ that somehow unlocks the fountain of youth, this mystery ingredient has been a favorite of men and women around the world for decades. But while we all may be familiar with the name and the supposed results we can expect from using it, we might not be as in touch with the true story behind what retinol is and what it actually does.

If you’re curious about diving deep into the world of retinol and not sure where to get started, we’re happy to be of service. We’ve put together a quick look at what retinol actually is and how it works to help you decide if you should incorporate it into your anti-aging skincare routine. Keep reading to uncover the truth about retinol and so much more.

What on Earth is Retinol?

Before we get into the nitty gritty of whether you should be incorporating retinol into your anti-aging skincare routine, let’s talk about what it actually is. More than a mystical skincare super-ingredient, retinol, also known as ‘retinoid, is a potent topical product that is derived from vitamin A.

If you’re familiar with vitamin A and the wonders that it can do for your skin, you already know that it helps to clear clogged pores and soothe inflamed skin. In retinol form, this powerful topical works to gently boost collagen production in the innermost layers of the skin, leading to more elastic and firmer skin. This, in turn, leads to less visible wrinkles and a more even skin tone and texture with a coveted youthful glow, especially when used continuously as part of an anti-wrinkle skincare routine.

Retinols are available in a variety of shapes and forms, ranging from creams and gels to serums and lotions. While all types are effective in providing a topical influx of retinol, there are some that may work better on your skin than others. If you’re not sure where to start in finding the right topical retinol, always discuss your options with your dermatologist to find the perfect solution for you.

Should I Be Using Retinol?

Now that we’ve gotten down to the basics about what retinol actually is, let’s talk about if you need to use it in your mature skincare routine. The short answer is - yes! Retinols are a fantastic product that can treat a wide variety of skincare concerns, from acne and acne scarring to wrinkles and fine lines to dark spots and discoloration. We’ll look a little closer at each group of skincare concerns below.

Retinol for Acne-Prone Skin

If you are someone who has acne-prone skin or who has acne scarring, retinol is a great skincare solution to help you fight back. This powerful ingredient naturally and gently unclogs pores and boosts turnover in skin cell production, helping to fight recurring acne and smooth away any acne scars, especially with continual use.

Retinol for Aging Skin

When thinking about the most popular applications for retinol in the world of anti-aging skincare, wrinkle and fine line prevention is always at the top of the list. Because retinol acts as a natural agent to boost collagen production in the skin, it can effectively work to provide substantial anti-aging effects. Collagen serves as an important building block within the inner layers of the skin, supporting its structure and providing it with an elastic feel.

As we age, our collagen production naturally begins to slow down, resulting in lax skin and more prominent fine lines and wrinkles. By introducing retinol to your skincare routine, you can support continued collagen production, giving your skin a much-needed boost to maintain that youthful suppleness and glow for much longer.

Retinol for Uneven Skin Tone and Texture

A final anti-aging skincare application for retinol is the natural balancing of uneven skin tone and texture. When applied topically to the skin, retinol is absorbed into the innermost layers and works to trigger a boost in collagen production. In turn, this collagen serves to provide a firmer, more elastic structural support for the skin, creating a smoother appearance that helps to fight uneven skin texture.

In addition to evening skin texture, retinol can also help to balance out skin tone. This ingredient is naturally anti-inflammatory and works to gently unclog pores, reducing redness and irritation in the skin and revealing a more even complexion. However, some individuals can have an adverse reaction to retinol when used too often - always make sure to patch test retinol and keep an eye on how your skin reacts if you increase your use of retinol in your anti-wrinkle skincare routine.

How Do I Add Retinol to My Routine?

Ready to take the plunge and add a retinol to your daily skincare routine? When it comes to caring for aging skin, we always recommend starting small before diving headfirst into any new product. Try adding a retinol two to three times per week to start, applying it once per day, to see how your skin will react. If you don’t experience inflammation or irritation, you can always amp up how often you use it.

One thing that is key to remember with any retinol - always make sure that you use adequate sun protection when using these products. Retinol can cause your skin to be more sensitive to UV rays, which can, in turn, lead to increased risk of sun damage. Make sure that you are always wearing a powerful SPF sunscreen to keep your skin at its healthiest and most radiant as you implement retinol into your routine.

When it comes to thinking about effective anti-aging skincare treatments, retinol is always at the top of our list. This powerful ingredient offers an amazing array of effects that help to boost radiance, enhance skin texture and improve skin elasticity over time through gently clearing pores and supporting our natural collagen production. By adding this product to your daily anti-wrinkle skincare routine, you can effectively work to maintain that coveted youthful glow for many more years to come.


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